Fashion is NOT Everything


Being an image consultant and involved in the fashion industry... many would expect me to have a fashion blog to help you determine what’s hot and what’s not. Here’s the thing, I really did not want my blog to become “just another fashion blog”...

These “bloggers” spend hours researching, staying on top of the latest trends and up and coming designers, fashion faux pas and successes ... They LOVE it! (and we love what they share!) However, what they love, exhausts me. I see it as a chore. Of course I have my favorite designers and brands: French ConnectionTheoryTahariVictoria Beckham, and Madewell.… and I go crazy over a good deal.

Frankly, I want to empower people to take control of their wardrobe –not add to it for the sake of what’s “IN” [fashion].

Fashion for me is a TOOL, not a way of life. A tool, when used strategically, can empower someone to love who they are.

When I help someone establish a clear style that represents who they are and is uniquely theirs -it's liberating!! It even inspires me to put a little more effort into my style. My hope is that as I’m inspired, YOU will be too!

In sum, I believe that fashion is just one of the tools in your image toolbox, and when used strategically, it can transform something ordinary into a masterpiece that is uniquely YOU!.

Does your look represent who you are? Or are you a product of whatever the magazines and fashion gurus dictate is hot?