The IOIC Exclusive

  • Color Analysis
  • Body Line Analysis
  • Style Personality Analysi

The Photoshoot Ready

  • IOIC Exclusive
  • Photo Shoot Wardrobe Consultation
  • Discuss Goals/Vision for photo shoot
  • Select outfits from closet for photo shoot
  • (encourage Personal Shopping add-on if needed)

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Breakdown of Service Descriptions


[Services included in creating your Image Portfolio]


Color Analysis


The Personal Color Analysis is key to looking your best all the time without the help of makeup of tanners. I utilize a draping technique to determine your personal best colors that compliment your features, while considering skin tone, eye color, and natural hair color. When you wear the right colors they work for you, not against you –helping you to look younger, more rested, and vital. I allow an hour for this custom service.


  • Your hand-selected color palette to take on the go

  • Determined undertone, jewelry tone, and range

  • Your personal “power colors”

  • A wardrobe strategy to use colors for your professional image and advancement

Body - Line Analysis


The Body & Line Analysis teaches you how to best dress your body through the “ABC’s” principle. With my help, you will discover what features to Accentuate, Balance, and Camouflage using clothing proportions, necklines, patterns, textures, and silhouettes. My goal is that you learn the shapes and line directions of your body and leave with a clothing roadmap for you to use for the rest of your life. I allow one hour for this custom service.


  • Silhouette and shape guidelines to flatter your body type

  • Fabric and Pattern guidelines to compliment your features

  • Necklines based on your face shape and body proportions

  • Balance Point to determine your best length for jewelry and hair

Style Analysis


The Style Analysis teaches you how to communicate your authentic self by using the language of clothing and fashion. Trends come and go but knowing your style personality will help you to stay true to yourself, while consistently and accurately displaying who you are to the world around you. Look and feel your best no matter what the fad and never question “is this me?” again.


  • Your primary and secondary style personality

  • The core values and spirit of your clothing style

  • Your preferred style of fabrics, shapes, and makeup and accessories

Hair + Makeup / Grooming Analysis


  • know the exact length and shape for your hair
  • hair color compared with swatches
  • direct communication to hair dresser
  • correct tone for makeup
  • make up recommendations


Discuss hair and makeup colors and styles to best suit you according to the principles we defined in your color and body/line analysis.



[the stage after defining your image portfolio]



  • stage 2


    MY GOAL: To see you wearing 80% of your wardrobe all the time, 20% for special occasions. I will take your closet full of clothes and turn it into a “working wardrobe.”

    The Process:

  • We will evaluate what you already have (clothing, shoes, and accessories)

  • Sort through items that need alterations or belong in the give-away pile. *

  • Determine which pieces are your wardrobe “anchors”

  • Create at least 5 fabulous outfits per “anchor”

  • Re-assess what your wardrobe needs are moving forward.
    *Includes: Closet Organization (by color, type, and occasion)
    (Done Seasonally –Fall/Winter or Spring/Summer; Avg 3 hrs depending on closet size)


    This service brings your image roadmap full circle. I will create a working-wardrobe for you, using the principles we learned along the way. I will pre-select clothing for you before our trip, eliminating the stress of the hunt.

  • Fill holes discovered in your wardrobe assessment

  • Find closet staples and anchor pieces to add new flavor to your current


  • Accessories shopping to find pieces that match and extend your wardrobe


  • BRIDAL: engagement photos, shower and rehearsal dinner outfits, bridesmaid dress consult, wedding dress, honeymoon wardrobe

  • FORMAL: Gala, Dance, Wedding attendee, funeral, pageant,




  • SASSY SENIOR –dressing your age doesn’t have to mean “frumpy” GROUP PRESENTATIONS

Presentations are typically tailored to each group, based on size, life-stage, and goals. Whether it is a ladies' luncheon, civic organization, sorority or fraternity chapter meeting, groups seeking employment, or a birthday party, the possibilities are endless. Please contact Abigail to discuss your group or idea and she will work with you to develop an effective, interactive, and aesthetically engaging presentation.

Pricing: varies by group size and time allotment (Typical starting point is $100)