What does an Image Consultant do?

An Image Consultant tailors fashion to the individual—not the industry. While considering current trends, an Image Consultant focuses on how to make trends work for the individual, not the other way around.

The art of dressing is more than looking good—it is being authentic and clearly communicating that through fashion and expression. Clothing, accessories, hair, grooming, and confidence are all tools to better express the individual for the first impressions in life.

With our training and insight, Inside Out Image Consulting is dedicated to making sure your true self is accurately represented and grabs the right attention. Whether you’re a creative individualist, an alluring mystery, a bold leader, approachable confidant, or anything in between, we take who you are and give you an image to match.

What is the difference between an Image Consultant and a Personal Stylist?

To put it simply, an Image Consultant is a strategic stylist who is trained in the science of dressing well by considering an individual’s skin tone, body shape, and personal style. Using designated tools and techniques, along with tactical exercises that reveal an individual’s values and personality, an Image Consultant streamlines these findings into an Image Portfolio for the individual to use for the rest of his or her life.  

A Personal Stylist only addresses one piece of the puzzle of dressing well— the style portion. And usually this counsel is based on general trends and a biased, creative opinion.

Who do you typically work with? 

There are many transitions that we all face in life, and your image can either help or hinder you in these seasons. Many clients come to us because they are trying to adapt to a new life season and/or want to fashion to achieve their personal and professional goals.

Some examples of clients we work with are new graduates; employment or promotion-seekers; those new to dating or thriving as a single; busy moms; empty-nesters; salesmen & women; entrepreneurs; and ultimately, there are those who want to make fashion easy and look their best without a second thought.

Whatever the reason, it is a privilege to journey with our clients –learning who they are and empowering them to own it from the inside out.

How do I book an appointment?

CONTACT us! Fill out your information, and you will be matched with a consultant closest to your location. We will personally reach out to you and plan a time to call you to better understand how we can help you! Then we will begin the process based on your needs and the best package for you.